Spend your Working Day in the Garden

There is an increasing number of people opting to work from home, however the lack of a secure and cosy office space has many of us setting up our computers and files in the spare bedroom where we are faced with little space and a blank wall to stare at, or the dining room table which can be an inconvenience as we have to move our equipment every time we have guests.

Adding an extension to your home just isnt feasible for lots of householders due to space and the costs involved, however there isnt any need to spend a lot of money on a home office, particularly if you have a nice big garden. Just take a look out the kitchen window and let the garden inspire you. There are lots of homeowners setting up a home office in the garden as it makes sense and has space.

Lots of homeowners just dont make the most of their garden area, especially during the winter months when its too cold to venture outside. There are lots of advantages to purchasing a garden home office and one of the main ones is that after you have finished work for the day you can lock the door and head home. The problem with an office inside your house is that you are always reminded of work by the files and books hanging around, this can make it difficult to switch off – one of the most common complaints made by anyone working at home.

An office in the garden can give you the peace you need to be productive and achieve a full days work. Working at home has lots of distractions – the doorbell, the phone, your family coming in and out asking questions, and the TV in the background.

If you are lucky and have a landscaped or manicured garden with trees and flowers then your home office can be designed with lots of windows to let you admire the view whilst working. This can be the best place to give you time to think and get a lot of work completed, far enough away from the house to avoid being disturbed. In the summer you can even open all the windows and breathe in the fresh air while you work.

One of your main concerns when considering buying a garden office is security. After all you will want at least one computer as well as other office equipment such as a printer and fax machine, and they will need to be locked away safely when the office is not in use. Ensure all your equipment is insured and check with your insurance company that it is covered by your policy; you may need to take out extra cover to protect yourself as some put a cap on the amount of cover offered.

Top of the range offices come complete with insulated walls, floors and double glazing, or combine an office with a summer house and choose a contemporary design with aluminium frame and polycarbonate roof. A garden office manufacturer can help you with sophisticated electrics and good natural lighting options, although you dont want to too much natural light if using computer screens or displays as they can be sensitive to the light. Although planning permission is not normally required as the buildings are generally under a certain size or height, it is definitely worth checking details with your local council or local planning office.

Getting the internet in the garden is quite simple, just get a wireless connection for your home and this should be sufficient to reach your garden office as long as it is not too far away from the router. Check it out before making any final decision as to the position of your office.

There are plenty of companies and manufacturers who specialise in garden offices, whether you are looking for something in a contemporary or modern style, want an eco-friendly option, or wish it to blend in with the natural surroundings then look online for ideas. Avoid the rush hour traffic on a cold winters morning and take the steps today to making life a lot more comfortable by acquiring a cosy garden office.