Rustic Decor, Yard Art, Garden Art, Valentines Day Decorations, Easter Decorations

At we are always working on creating new unique and attractive garden and home dcor that no one else offers. We are diligent in creating beautiful yard and garden art that will enhance any yard. Krista and her husband Chris the owners of Rustica Ornamentals enjoy making art for their own yard and were sick of the cheap generic things sold in stores, they wanted affordable garden art that worked in their yard that blended in and accentuated their own gardens. We just love to make beautiful thing that others enjoy.

We are now working on our Valentines Day and Easter decorations. We have Red, light Pink and dark Pink hanging Hearts. You can buy one or a bunch. You can hang them on a tree, hang them in your car or decorate your home with them. We are also working on Heart magnets and Heart yard stakes. The Heart garden stakes as Krista says are great she says they will be in her yard! As for the Easter dcor we will have white fluffy Bunny Yard Stakes and lots of unique indoor and outdoor dcor some painted with pretty pastels and some items will be rustic and natural.

At Rustica Ornamentals we always try to create seasonal dcor with the essence of that season or holiday in mind. We like to create things that will warm your soul and make you feel good. It is all about creating things that beatifies and or reflect the season or event you are decorating for.