Charming Garden Weddings

A garden wedding can be a glorious and magical affair which offers one of the most romantic locations in which to celebrate your big day.

Nature is the perfect wedding backdrop and can be sophisticated and elegant. Imagine your wedding ceremony is only minutes away from your reception.

Imagine a mid spring or early autumn day with the suns rays engulfing you with its warmth during a wedding ceremony by a pond or lake. As you exchange your vows, pair of ducks swim in to get a glimpse of the event. Everything seems to be in pairs. The birds overheard practically chirping “love is in the air”. After your ceremony you take a stroll around the lake hand in hand as your guest make their way to the marquee for cocktails. You rejoin your guests, after the stroll and for a lazy afternoon supper and drinks before your commence your life together in wedded bliss.

There are many garden wedding ideas suitable for a dreamy wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Some of these themed garden wedding ideas have been included.

You could choose a botanical garden as your location for your garden wedding with its sweeping lawns, private gardens and lush trees it

Want To Buy Garden Bar Furniture Or Garden Furniture For Pubs

Who knows, may be an acquaintance you casually mentioned about your interest gets back to you with a list of pubs for sale, where you can find garden furniture for pubs and your beer garden at throw away prices. If there are several such pubs on sale or hotels, breweries or inns, you can get to see a wider variety of furniture. Right from garden bench, picnic benches to pub landscape designs!

Therefore its a good idea to let people know about it. If you are looking at saving as much money as you can at this stage without compromising on the look and quality, you can also consider getting some repairs and renovations done to the garden furniture to give it new look and life and make it re-usable. There are these craftsmen who do a good job of it. Things like bench restoration, polishing furniture etc can really make a difference without pinching the pocket too much.

These pubs for sale eventually auction all their furniture because it is specifically designed for beer gardens and pubs and therefore cannot fit elsewhere. They are left with no choice but to just give it away. If you are lucky

Tips for Fast and Easy Installation of Garden Lights

There are lots of things that you need to consider whenever you want to install your personal garden lights. The first of these is that you need to always be focused on safety for yourself and those around you. If you do not feel comfortable working with electricity then it’s probably a much better concept to hire somebody to install your lights for your needs.

Nevertheless, there’s really no have to be afraid when you are working with garden lights. It is not feasible to get electrocuted as long as you’re only working with the 12-volt side of the transformer. Once you’ve decided that you’re comfortable with installing your personal lights you’ll wish to make a plan.

Whenever you begin making your plan to add garden lights you will find some things that you will have to do. The initial is that you will need to make a sketch of your yard. You will wish to include every tree, shrub, bush, and flower inside your sketch.

Once you’ve the sketch of the yard you can quickly add in where you would like to see your brand-new lights. From this sketch, you are able to quickly and easily

Gifting a New Gardener with a Garden Tool Kit

Where do you start when you want to become a gardener? As with all activities, there are certain tools that are necessary for you to get your start. Do you know someone who is new to gardening? If youre ever at a loss for what to buy the person for a gift, keep a garden tool kit in mind. There are many different ones on the market that each contain different tools, but whatever you decide on is bound to be a treasured gift for years to come.

The Tools in a Garden Tool Kit

The item in a home garden tool kit that will probably get the most use is the hand held garden spade. This small spade is perfect for digging holes to plant flowers, vegetable plants, and bulbs in. Since theres a great deal of such work involved in gardening, theres no doubt that the hand spade will see a lot of action. A garden claw will also be used a lot. Its what you use to loosen the dirt around plants and chop out weeds.

Another important tool in any garden tool kit is a pair of pruning shears. There are numerous uses for a pair of pruning shears.

Your Own Indoor Herb Kitchen Garden

It’s so easy to set up an indoor herb kitchen garden because so many culinary herbs are well suited to growing both indoors and in recycled containers. Your ability to grow veggies in your organic kitchen garden starts with only a few simple recycled materials and the simple will to feed your family only the finest organic foods grown fresh in your designed kitchen garden.

Here are six easy to grow herbs without even trying; chives, thyme, mints, French tarragon, sweet marjoram and sage. As well, also think seriously about growing your own parsley, rosemary, nasturtiums and basil. So which ones do you plant and how do you grow them? It really depends firstly on which ones you would like to grow, how much you use of one or the other and then your budget, and of course the amount of well lit space you have.

The high tech “A-Garden” type with its own lights and gadgetry is great and really works well (you know the one it’s advertised on TV everywhere), but it’s not cheap and not very big. Whereas, at the other end of the budget is a set of recycled pots and containers with seedlings and your

Rustic Decor, Yard Art, Garden Art, Valentines Day Decorations, Easter Decorations

At we are always working on creating new unique and attractive garden and home dcor that no one else offers. We are diligent in creating beautiful yard and garden art that will enhance any yard. Krista and her husband Chris the owners of Rustica Ornamentals enjoy making art for their own yard and were sick of the cheap generic things sold in stores, they wanted affordable garden art that worked in their yard that blended in and accentuated their own gardens. We just love to make beautiful thing that others enjoy.

We are now working on our Valentines Day and Easter decorations. We have Red, light Pink and dark Pink hanging Hearts. You can buy one or a bunch. You can hang them on a tree, hang them in your car or decorate your home with them. We are also working on Heart magnets and Heart yard stakes. The Heart garden stakes as Krista says are great she says they will be in her yard! As for the Easter dcor we will have white fluffy Bunny Yard Stakes and lots of unique indoor and outdoor dcor some painted with pretty pastels and some items will be rustic and

Simple Guidelines for Superb Garden Plan

Garden is a part of home. Most of the people would like to have a fantastic garden for their home. Your own garden is the best way for you to relax. Just imagine you pass by a beautiful garden everyday after you reach home from working, it helps to refresh your mood and makes your mind clear. Anyhow, we always think that garden designing is a headache job to be done. In fact, there are only a few things to be concerned. After you plan for all those stuffs, you’ll find that it’s very easy to have an excellent garden!

In general, garden design is categorized into few types of principles: Arrangement with balanced section, Accord and Flow, Changeover or Rhythm. Each group has to be serious start from fundamental. At first, planning of the proportional of each area should consider together with harmony and flow. Besides this, you have to consider the changeover of the plants in future as well. Once all these thinking gathered together, it represents acceptable of good garden plan.

Sometimes it’s very hard for you to have a lot of good ideas in garden design. It’s good practice to visit or attend the garden design

Interesting Alternatives To Ordinary Garden Pots

Bring new life to your existing garden using garden pots. But, there are several ordinary items that you can use in place of your standard garden pot. For instance, use an old watering can and place your plants in it. Simply drill a hole in the bottom for drainage and you have yourself an instant charming plant container.

If you have a large stump close to, or in, your garden, you can hollow it out to put a pot into. Use a wide boring drill bit and drill out several holes that make up the outside diameter of the circle. Once you have most of the material drilled out for the circle, continue boring out the material on the inside. Using a chisel, remove all the remaining wood that is left between the holes. Put in the pot and fill in any gaps around it with dirt.

If you break a large garden pot, another trick that a lot of gardeners do is to cut the bottom off at an angle or bury the pot halfway into the ground. This gives the illusion that the pot is more like an artifact that has been unearthed.

For a less permanent but really fun idea,

My December Diy Garden Ideas

Is December the time for you to pack away all those garden tools in your shed? Does the inclement weather indicate December is a right – off? On the contrary, for any DIY gardener December is still a busy month with several essential maintenance jobs to be carried out and a few Garden Plants and Shrubs that can also be planted.

Depending on where you might be December’s weather conditions is often quite extreme (chilly, a lot of rain, some snow and perhaps very windy). In the northern hemisphere, it is prudent to keep an eye on the winter weather and carefully prepare that which you are planning to get done on those sunny days when they come along.

A great deal of debris (autumn dead leaves and plant material) would have accumulated in the garden as the change of the seasons has had its effect on the garden. This ought to be cleared, burned off or moved to your garden compost site (in the event you haven’t done it already). Dead leaves will start to decay together with the autumn grass cuttings to make good compost. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be forgotten that certain insects (lady birds)

Garden Walls Guide Brickwork

Most garden walls are built with modern lightweight Celcon or Toplite blocks. These arc-cheaper than bricks and have superseded breeze blocks, which are made from highly expensive, imported blown volcanic clay. Heavier and sturdier walls can be achieved with the use of ‘concrete’ blocks. These are, however, more difficult to cut and transport around the garden. If you’re building a smaller wall, use ordinary bricks, which can be laid in small spaces, and won’t need to be cut. Brick prices rise steeply with the better-made and designed display bricks.

Use pegs and a builder’s line to mark out the position of the ‘face’ of the wall (the side of the wall that will be most visible); this should follow a straight line, unless there is a designed curve (see below right).

It’s now time to start bricklaying. You can mix your mortar from one part cement to six parts soft sand, or buy a ready-made mix from a large DIY store. Work one wheelbarrow load at a time and, if the weather is hot, cover the mix with a sheet of plastic or wood to stop the mortar from drying out too quickly.

Begin by trowelling a