Great Ideas for Sprucing Up a Childs Bedroom

Kids rooms are always difficult to get right. So much stuff and so little space. Getting the right balance of style, functionality and comfort can be tricky, but have no fear – our 5 ideas for sprucing up a child’s bedroom are here to help you!

We’ve tried to keep the list sensible and affordable, with items that are easy to find online in the UK.

1) Digital Wall Art
Much better than bland painted walls and funkier than the funkiest wallpaper, wall art is great way to brighten up any child’s bedroom. You can opt for ready-made designs (try for a great selection) or use your own photographs for a personal touch (try Try creating a room theme and use wall art to take it to the next level. Jungle scenes, night sky, underwater worlds – just a few of the choices available.

2) Bean Bags
Kids love bean bags, it’s scientifically proven. OK – maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they’re a great way to provide comfortable seating and really help to make a room more kid friendly. Versatile, they can be used to encourage quiet reading while still providing the perfect accompaniment to the

Garden Mulch A Guide To The Benefits And Types Of Garden Mulch

Garden mulch can enhance the look of your garden and help keep your garden healthy. Placing mulch in your garden can also save you time by decreasing the need for watering, applying herbicides and pulling weeds.

Mulch Benefits:

Helps moderate the soil temperature.
Retains moisture during dry weather, which reduces the need for watering.
Reduces weed growth.
Natural mulches can improve the structure of the soil. As mulch decays, the material becomes topsoil, while adding nutrients into the soil.
Enhances the beauty of the exterior of your home by adding color and uniformity.
Can prevent trees and shrubs from getting damaged by lawn equipment.

Types of Mulch
There are two categories of mulch: living and non-living. Living mulch is made from natural matter, such as bark, wood chips, leaves, pine needles, or grass clippings. Non-living mulch includes gravel, pebbles, black plastic and landscape fabrics.

Living Mulch
Living mulch, also known as organic mulch, is most beneficial to your garden. Unlike non-living mulch, living mulch helps improve the garden soil by adding organic matter as it decomposes. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Mulch may also encourage the growth of

The Pros And Cons Of Metal Garden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds have always been a very popular form of storage for the back yard. In more recent times, an ever increasing number of property owners have been buying metal garden sheds as a viable alternative. Whether you opt for the wooden or metal variety they are both still used for things such as storing gardening tools, garden furniture as well as many other items that you simply haven’t got the heart to throw away. So, with similar purposes what inspires individuals to buy the metal variety over that of the visually more pleasing wooden option?

You can not really deny that a wooden garden shed is a considerably more attractive addition to a back yard than the metal equivalent. However, metal garden sheds definitely hold several advantages over those made of wood because they are made of a material that is certainly more durable. Unlike wood, steel and aluminium sheds will never develop blisters or cracks on the walls and roofs. Wood is particularly susceptible to these problems especially after harsh, icy winters.

Another advantage is that metal will never succumb to termites and other damaging insects. This is a double advantage for you, especially if you are

Garden Arches With Jerusalem Stone

If you have traveled many places round the world you will know that there are different types of rocks as well as stones available for construction purposes. At Jerusalem, the Holy City of the Jews and Christians, Jerusalem stone is found in abundance, which is used in constructing buildings there and around the world. This enables structures elsewhere to flaunt religious symbolism. It has been extensively used for different purposes as it is unique looking and has an interesting composition of chemicals.

Those having a lot of outdoor space can have an elaborate looking garden by including different types of garden furniture, flowering plants, trees, shrubs, creepers, grass, etc. Creepers need support, and hence arches of different types need to be made. Different types of materials are used for designing arches and nowadays Jerusalem stone is being used increasingly. This stone is available in different attractive colors like yellow, beige, pinks and many other earthy shades which make garden arches look interestingly beautiful.

Jerusalem stone for the arch:

Depending on your choice you can make temporary or permanent arches. To add life to the garden you can even place love seats or a swing beneath the garden arch. Garden arches

Spend your Working Day in the Garden

There is an increasing number of people opting to work from home, however the lack of a secure and cosy office space has many of us setting up our computers and files in the spare bedroom where we are faced with little space and a blank wall to stare at, or the dining room table which can be an inconvenience as we have to move our equipment every time we have guests.

Adding an extension to your home just isnt feasible for lots of householders due to space and the costs involved, however there isnt any need to spend a lot of money on a home office, particularly if you have a nice big garden. Just take a look out the kitchen window and let the garden inspire you. There are lots of homeowners setting up a home office in the garden as it makes sense and has space.

Lots of homeowners just dont make the most of their garden area, especially during the winter months when its too cold to venture outside. There are lots of advantages to purchasing a garden home office and one of the main ones is that after you have finished work for the day you

Unique ways of enhancing a back garden landscape

Landscaping is a matter of taste, just like choosing your clothing or interior decorating. The art and beauty of backyard landscaping is all about beauty in the eye of the beholder.

So let’s explore some simple ideas to transform your backyard space without spending too much money on materials, labor.

Backyard Landscaping is a fun activity that satisfies the creative need inside each of us. People fond of landscaping often come up with their own landscaping ideas that can serve to enhance the look of their living place or any piece of land.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping is not just re-positioning of plants or statues in your backyard. Consider it as an art, a masterpiece that shows your creativity and personality. So here are some ideas to get your brain rolling along.

Consider Some Lighting

Landscape lighting in your backyard is a great way to dress up the outside of your home.

At first this may appear to be an extravagance, but it can improve the security of your home, in addition to making walkways safer after dusk. But best of all the addition of lights to your back yard can have

Garden Bridges Turning Gardens Into Works Of Art

Garden bridges are great pieces of garden decorations that simply bring gardens into life. Any ordinary garden can become impressively attractive with a simple addition of a wooden garden bridge. A garden bridge will not only add beauty and elegance but it also serves as a walkway above a beautiful fish pond or a small stream that runs through your garden. Even a boring stone garden will spring to life with a garden bridge decoration.

There are a wide variety of styles and deigns that can be easily ordered online and there are online sites where you can order your own fully-customized garden bridge. You can choose the type of you wood, decorative materials, length, size and design. Some of the most popular styles are the arched bridge and the flat platform. The arched garden bridges are best for mini-pools in your garden, garden fish ponds or garden streams. Garden bridges also look great on pure stony gardens, add a few potted plants around, a little lighting effect through the use of solar post caps at night and pronto! You get a beautiful garden in an instant.

The common length of garden bridges is 8 feet by four feet

Garden With Water Body Has A Healing Touch

Garden and water body have a healing influence in our lives. More and more medical reports are coming out on the positive effects of water bodies and greenery surroundings on stress relaxation. Realizing this people search for apartments with greenery environment with water bodies. Those who are having their own garden are taking much care to give pleasant look to their garden. The demand for soothing sound making water fountains, garden statue with fountains, decorative garden planters and bird bath to attract birds is increasing every year. Others are converting a small portion of their drawing hall into an interior garden. The high demand for interior decorative fountains and planters are proof of the positive effects of the water bodies on stress relaxation effects.

We have moved far away from nature’s rejuvenating properties. Shrinking spaces, crowded public arenas and increasing pollution are taking their toll on us. Besides this today’s work culture is taking a heavy toll on our health. People find no time even to relax for some time. The stress build up is a major cause for serious health hazards over a period of time. If you are deprived of open space convert your interior as a

Trendy Mini Herb Garden

Whilst the majority garden enthusiasts reason about a mini herb garden, they as a rule refer to herb gardens that befall in little containers, or those minute container herb gardens that are commercially sold. When these herb gardens are undoubtedly mini, the extra correct word for them is little container herb gardens. A authentic mini herb garden is still found outside, it merely is not in as majestic a magnitude as further traditional herb gardens.

A mini herb garden could still participate around with design, but the rows of herbs design is regularly the the majority convenient. It employs slight bits of ground, everywhere from 3 by 4 feet to just to some extent larger could be thought out a mini herb garden. Three rows is as a rule a useful way to section off the herb plants in this mini herb garden. Off the bat, though, you want not be able to cultivate mint in this mini herb garden for the reason that mint has a habbit to take over the place it is planted inside, and your garden is too insignificant for a plant equally dominating as mint. If you like to keep mint, pot your mint plant

Rubber Garden Shoe Importance And Repair

When you are attending to your garden plants, wearing a pair of rubber garden shoe is necessary. A different set of these shoes is necessary when you are performing different kinds of activities. Gardening surely needs diverse kinds of shoes. Any gardener must be very particular about the shoes they use while gardening. Read on to know about rubber shoes used for gardening. They help you to avoid discomfort, and poor support. The information provided below would surely help:

The variety available in these shoes is casual styles. The garden shoes are both for children and for adults. If you are one of those people who want to maintain your garden, garden shoes are necessary for you. Maintaining a garden is a dream we all want to make come true. However, how does one pick the right shoes to wear when gardening? Many garden shoes look similar to ballet shoes.
These are specifically for making your feet very comfortable and flexible when you bend towards the ground. The support is still intact for many styles you can find. Varieties of rubber shoes available for gardening are multi-purpose. They help you walk on the sandy beaches as well where there