Growing Micro Greens In Your Own Organic Indoor Green Garden

People are more health conscious in today’s society than ever before. We are buying more organic foods, filtering our water, getting more exercise and watching the types of food we eat. Some of us grow our own vegetables and even raise our own chickens.

People are jogging by at all hours of the day and night and dogs are being walked on a daily basis. Do you notice that a lot of parents are finally getting their kids away from the TV and video games, encouraging them to participate in outdoor sports and activities?

This is all a good thing. Anything you can do to save money and be active is great. Health clubs are also a good thing. The only problem is, today’s economy is not user friendly for monthly memberships. Health club memberships are not cost effective anymore and are unfortunately dropping members little by little.

Organic foods cost twice and maybe even triple the amount of non-organic foods. Plastic water bottles are a large source of pollution and there is question as to the health of the bottle itself.

Let’s face it; it cost money to be healthy. Prices are rising higher than our paychecks. We have to do something. What do we do? We start with one thing at a time. As a matter of fact, let’s start off pulling double duty.

Let’s filter the quality of our indoor air and save money at the same time by growing micro greens. The indoor green garden of today is healthy, nutritious and convenient. Just what the doctor ordered!

Micro greens are the absolute best way to supplement your nutritional needs. They are affordable to grow, they are easy to grow and they can grow anywhere inside your home that you desire. You may have a few initial costs to start a setup, but then, it’s just about buying seeds. And when you buy seeds in bulk, your dollars will stretch.

And speaking of making your dollars stretch, you can stretch them even further by growing the soil-less way. Growing micro greens soil-less, is the most cost effective way. This is where we utilize terracotta planting trays.

All nurseries & plant shops supply terracotta trays, so obtaining them is quite convenient. Make sure the ones you purchase are NOT glazed.

Terracotta is a natural porous product that allows aeration to your growing plants. The porosity of the tray also allows for water to be absorbed into the tray itself keeping your plants moist even when all the water is out. But don’t wait to long to water, a dry tray means dry seeds. And, don’t water too much as your seeds will spoil.

Terracotta does take a little getting use to, but the benefits are tremendous. The savings are huge and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t wait. Start growing micro greens in your own organic indoor green garden today.