Gifting a New Gardener with a Garden Tool Kit

Where do you start when you want to become a gardener? As with all activities, there are certain tools that are necessary for you to get your start. Do you know someone who is new to gardening? If youre ever at a loss for what to buy the person for a gift, keep a garden tool kit in mind. There are many different ones on the market that each contain different tools, but whatever you decide on is bound to be a treasured gift for years to come.

The Tools in a Garden Tool Kit

The item in a home garden tool kit that will probably get the most use is the hand held garden spade. This small spade is perfect for digging holes to plant flowers, vegetable plants, and bulbs in. Since theres a great deal of such work involved in gardening, theres no doubt that the hand spade will see a lot of action. A garden claw will also be used a lot. Its what you use to loosen the dirt around plants and chop out weeds.

Another important tool in any garden tool kit is a pair of pruning shears. There are numerous uses for a pair of pruning shears. You can use them to trim unruly bushes, cut dead parts out of plants, and spruce up straggly vines and overgrown perennials. A smaller pair of clippers will always be handy for taking wrappings off of new plants or to cut the pieces of string used to tie supports for plants.

Other Items in Your Garden Tool Kit

Gardening gloves are a necessary part of any garden tool kit. There are a lot of sharp things associated with gardening. Not only do you work with a lot of sharp tools, but the plants themselves can be hazardous to the well-being of your hands. Many plants have thorns, stickers, rough stems, and spiny leaves which can take a bite out of your hand and leave an infection in their wake. Your hands will be glad you decided to protect them.

Garden spray bottles come in all sizes. You can use them to mist and fertilize plants as well as to spray for bugs. A sprayer is a handy tool that youll use over and over, so you should include at least one in your garden spray kit.

As you get more and more involved in gardening there will be a lot more tools youll want to add. However, in the beginning, you can get by with a spade, claw, gloves, shears, and a sprayer.