Garden Bridges Asian Style From The Past

Handcrafted Wooden bridges and Japanese Garden Bridges have been used for many centuries for things such as draw bridges, for spanning crevices, over creeks, koi ponds, gulleys and in fact anywhere to cross over low areas such as valleys, dips and depressions as well as water of course, even by the homeowner in his backyard.

Old time bridge builders started making Handcrafted arch bridges many decades ago for his/their own personal use. Now days the modern bridge builders build them to beautify and maintain Koi ponds, water gardens and landscaped yards across the country … I’m sure you have all seen those appealing pictures of Japanese water gardens all of which incorporate a Handcrafted arch bridge. Other parts of the world caught on during the last 40 years or so along with the landscape and Koi pond owners.. The New age of builders bring an exciting twist to an age old form of arched span bridges, Handcrafted garden bridges and Redwood Garden bridges.

The Handcrafted wooden arch bridge is usually made of cedar, pine, douglas fir and a few places use the more durable and weather, insect and water resistant Western Red cedar or California Redwood. Some bridge builders use only 100% California Redwood, which many consider endangered. We use the more hearty and abundant Western Red Cedar to build our Garden Bridges to assure many years of use and beauty at

How should one measure a span when thinking of buying a handcrafted arched bridge? When looking for a Pond or Garden bridge, you should know exactly how long the bridge will span. Some bridge builders sell an 8 ft bridge but it will actually only span about 6 1/2 ft.

You should also make sure the bridge is made of weather and water resistant wood or sealed and stained, along with stainless steel hardware such as bolts, washer, nuts and screws You should make sure to measure the span length that it will span and not the arch length.

You should try to find a bridge that is very easily assembled and only a few tools required. We number and label each board, each post and rail and you just match the numbers and put in the screws and tighten. It should take an average of an hour to assemble most garden bridges.

Down through the ages the wooden arch bridge has brought joy, beauty and comfort to pond owners, homeowners, farmers, landscapers and many others who have an area that needs to be easily accessed. Be it a bridge of modern design or one styled from the early designers Have your own handcrafted garden bridge the way you want it!