FormBoss Metal Garden Edging

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging is Solid and Durable, yet Flexible adequate prior to set up to allow you to Create any shape you want!

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging is safe and sound with its rounded best lip from 4.5mm to 7.5mm width, and all stakes and connectors are hidden under this lip. The major lip is also what permits you to produce sharp bends without having any sharp edges simply because there’s no need to have to minimize and join, just bend the edging and get pleasure from the strength and smoothness of a steady edge. Smooth curves are uncomplicated to develop and the edging bends just as effortless with the lip on the inside of or outside a curve. We can also make you tree rings to any dimension you want.

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging arrives in a big assortment of heights and gauges to match any edging will need, from flush defining lines to 500mm retaining walls. From great price residential grade of 1.2mm to hefty duty business grade of two.5mm gauge. In order to assist the edge we’ve produced a massive range of distinctive stakes and connectors to assist and link it without having interfering with those clean uninterrupted lines and clear front faces and top lip that your garden deserves.

FormBoss Metal Garden Edgingis accessible in our ever common Galvanised model, or Stainless steel for harshest of environments, and we now also offer an distinctive Corten model that offers you that nice pure rusty texture with a lifespan of up to 4 times as lengthy as standard mild steel, and it does not rub off brown as typical mild steel does.

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging arrives in helpful lengths or 2.44m that make it simple to function with, and it also allows us to get the edging to you in an effective way. And with our sensible connectors joining is a breeze, and leaves you with virtually invisible joint.

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging is available Australia wide, and if we don’t have a stockist in the vicinity of you we supply swiftly and at very competitive freight rates, from Croydon, Victoria.

FormBoss Metal Garden Edging is an entirely Australian made and owned products.

Specifically created for optimum final results.

* Uncomplicated layout and uncomplicated to install, no special instruments necessary
* Heights readily available: 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm and 580mm.
* FormBoss is created from 1.2mm, 1.6mm, or 2mm mild steel (2.5mm gauge by request)
* FormBoss comes with a 4.5mm, 5.5mm or 6.5mm leading security edge based on your gauge.
* Available in 3 various finishes which includes galvanized, plain (rusty), or stainless steel.

Please ask us if you would like us to propose an installer in your place.
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Greenlines Gardenware specialises in only one product, theFormBoss Metal Garden Edging system. We do this so we can remain experts in our field.

Our Mission is “Excellence in customer care and value for money”

As founder and owner of Greenlines Gardenware, Gerry Boerlage, brings twenty years experience in the fields of both commercial horticulture and boiler welding.

After extensive R&D and prototyping for the simplest and best solution I came up with the new innovative metal edging system FormBoss, because there’s been a hole in the market for this product for too long.

In the mean time my son Bradley and Toby have joined the sales team. Toby is an engineer and very capable on 3D Cad and we all know the right advice to
give you wether you need a few tips while installing on the day or you need customised advice on a landscape designers Cad drawing we can certainly help.

We at Greenlines strongly believe in “what comes around goes around” (Karma) and put all our efforts into delivering a product along with great service that delivers a new up market alternative to other methods of edging that’s out there now.

Wherever you are in Australia, from sales to final installation, we are here to support you and bring out the best in your project 7 days a week.

Thank you for visiting our Greenlines site and your interest in creating better outdoor areas.